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GyroCopters are a cross between a helicopter and an airplane. Mostly like a helicopter the gyroplane is a rotorcraft and uses rotorblades as a spinning wing to fly. Unlike a helicopter the rotorblades are not powered directly by the engine and they use a propeller for forward movement.

Gyrocopter, Gyroplane, Autogyro? Do they all mean the same thing?  In general YES. However, there are minor technical differences.

The term Autogyro is used to describe the first style of gyroplanes. These are tractor-style gyroplanes that have a fuselage that looks like a conventional aircraft.

Gyrocopter This is the most common term used by the general public. The term gyrocopter is a product name owned by the Bensen company. Sort of like the term Kleenex is a brand name but not all tissues are Kleenex some are just tissues.

GyroplaneIn the United States the FAA’s official term is gyroplane.


















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